Individual Session

Have you experienced a significant loss or trauma? Do you feel overwhelmed? Do you feel stuck in your life? Are you finding it challenging to believe in yourself? Or perhaps you’re sad or anxious. Maybe, you’re doubtful about the future of a relationship, or just feel you aren’t living the life you were meant to lead. I have found that these are common stresses clients may experience before searching for a psychotherapist.

In an individual therapy session, we explore the issues that are blocking the forward momentum in your life through a humanistic and somatic lens involving talk therapy, visualization, breath, and movement. We will aim to explore suppressed feelings, uncover energy that is dormant, and work to renew your internal resources. We don’t just talk about the issues; I may invite you to move the energy that has you stuck in certain patterns. This frees you up to explore the issues from a different perspective.

Whatever your needs may be, I am here to offer support. Therapy is a process of growth, self-discovery, and transformation. In your sessions, we seek to inspire emotional, behavioural, and cognitive transformation by encouraging a strength-based outlook and an adoption of new attitudes, understanding, and coping mechanisms.

Couples Session

When a couple is in trouble, it becomes difficult to see any way out. In couples therapy, everyone is encouraged and supported to risk opening to their partner in new ways they could not explore together before. Couples benefit from having a safe space to communicate at a deeper level, creating greater intimacy and understanding.

In a couple’s session, we seek to go beyond basic communications skills, and with support, risk exploring resentments, withheld hostilities, and blame, in order to connect in a place of open, honest contentment and passion. We strive to find ways to let go of the control that keeps you from finding deep intimacy within yourselves and with each other.

Couples generally make the choice to seek relationship help when they are weathering some sort of crisis or transition. Some crises are tangible, such as when couples find themselves continually fighting, affairs, internet sex, or the impact of addicted behaviors, depression etc. Other crises are less transparent. These are the couples whose relationships have lost their spark or are stuck in the mundane routine of life. How can we get underneath what is causing the relationship to feel so unsatisfying?

Other couples, however, display none of the above. They come for support and tools. They want to open up, be more real, confide in and learn from one another, have more pleasure, deepen their sexual intimacy, and to mutually discover the higher purpose of their relationship.

For couples in crisis, or couples wanting to bring their relationship to a whole new level of intimacy, couples therapy could be for you. Married or partnered, gay or hetero, this is a place where you can heal old (or new) wounds with your partner and find a new and grounded reality for your relationship.


complimentary phone consultations

Schedule a complimentary, 15-minute conversation in which we can chat, and get a feel for whether my approach to therapy feels like a good fit for you.



Walk & Talk Therapy

The Walk and Talk program invites therapy outdoors and into nature.

It is becoming more apparent that our physical environment can aid in the prevention, treatment and rehabilitation of mental health issues, and spending time in natural environments can have many added benefits.

Walking in nature is linked to lower stress levels, decreased anxiety and fewer depressive symptoms and strolling in nature helps us to relax and think more clearly. When you spend time in a natural environment, you’re more likely to use your senses to experience your surroundings. Calming sounds, like the rustling of leaves, the sound of water, or birds chirping, can help you detach from traffic, work conflict, and ordinary stressors of everyday life.

The essential difference between ecotherapy and recreation is the presence of a trained therapist. As a trained Walk and Talk therapist, I know how to facilitate beneficial interactions with the natural environment as we work towards reaching your goals.

Shalom Style Weekend Retreats

A Shalom Retreat is a place where you can know yourself as whole, complete and lovable—an embodied, emotional, spiritual being. We celebrate the body’s wisdom and its gifts. You can learn to unblock the stuck places and open your heart once again. The retreat takes place within a circle of people, supported by intentional loving, where you can experience a focused time for your own individual work.

The Shalom Retreat is an intensive growth experience set in a loving and supportive community with these essential elements:


  1. Skilled and compassionate leadership.
  2. Focused time for your own personal work with the retreat leader.
  3. A community where each person is held with respect and love.
  4. A reverence for spirit and the mystical journey.
  5. Experiential exercises grounded in Western psychology, including Gestalt, Core Energetics, role playing and story telling.

Fees for Service


Receipts for insurance will be provided

Individual :

60 Min $170+HST

90 Min. $225+HST

Couples :

60 Min. $190+HST

90 Min. $245+HST

Distance Walk & Talk Therapy:

60 Min. $170+HST

*The last 10 mins of each session is reserved for therapist charting and treatment planning.

Shalom Retreats

Canada :

4 Day – $725 CDN


4 Day – $750 USD

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