Frequently Asked Questions

What is a session like?

It’s important to keep in mind that every session is different and tailored to each individual’s needs and comfort level. Building connection, establishing trust, following what comes up, and processing are all important.

A typical Core session is approximately 55 mins long (although I do also offer a 90 min session).  The initial session will involve an intake conversation, so that I may be able to obtain important information from you including basic information, health and family history, and therapy goals.

Following the initial session, we can begin the work and can start discussing how you’re feeling and what you need on that particular day.

Next we’ll proceed with a combination of talk therapy, that may or may not lead us to doing some bodywork, guided meditation, physical movements, or hands-on techniques that are appropriate to your particular needs that day.

The work is primarily experiential – which means we’ll spend time with what you’re feeling in your body – listening to your body, mind, and spirit, with hopes of becoming aware of what might be holding you back.

Who do you work with?

I work with adults, young adults, couples (heterosexual & LGBTQ)

Why might I have a session with you?

These methods have been shown to significantly benefit those seeking help with:

  •  Anxiety, intense fear, panic, or dread
  •  Physical, emotional, or sexual abuse
  •  Relationship and sexual challenges
  •  Grief
  • Loss of pregnancy / child
  •  Anger and aggression issues
  •  Low self-esteem
  •  Guilt and shame
  •  Trauma
  •  Difficulty finding joy, meaning, or purpose in life
  •  PTSD / Complex PTSD
  •  Lack of focus, feeling stuck
  •  Work and family related pressure
  •  Stress
  •  Depression
  •  Suicidal ideation or self harm
  •  Difficulty sleeping or changes in appetite
  • Affirmative care for issues of sexuality & gender / LGBTQ
Where does the session take place? What should I wear?

My private office is in Whitby, ON.

It is best to wear comfortable clothes, and to bring water to drink. 

Long distance (Skype) session are also possible.

Do you accept insurance?

Unfortunately no. Payment is required at the beginning of a session in form of an e-transfer or cash.

What is the recommended number of sessions and how often?

That varies. I’d recommend weekly or bi-weekly sessions initially. If you can’t commit to that, as often as you can manage. We may work together intensively for a time period and then less frequently as you get in touch with you, your blocks, your body.

I opened up and trusted the Beth, the participants and the process.

For years I was sceptical yet intrigued about the retreat. I felt certain that I had dealt with my past or at least buried it deep enough that it was no longer part of my present self.
However, there was no denying that regardless of all that I knew, I kept finding myself repeating the same patterns, despite my best efforts to avoid them. Why!?
I finally came to terms that I needed a “bigger tool belt” if I was truly to break this pattern and attended the retreat. At first I was standoffish but I participated in the processes, talked with the other participants and bared witness to their stories. I was astonished that everyone had the same “deep rooted hurt” and that I was not alone and I was in a safe place. I opened up and trusted the Beth, the participants and the process.
I am so grateful that I did. At the end of the retreat I left feeling centred, energized and confidant. I understood myself better, truly (like seriously) dealt with my past and had the tools to move forward. The process works and I have not stopped my personal growth ever since.
- K. R.

Her skills are second to none

I’ve been working with Beth for quite awhile, and I find her to be very intuitive, and skilled.  Prior to working with her, I had seen other therapists, and none were able to guide me to success the way Beth has.  My journey isn’t over, and I look forward to continuing with her guidance.  Highly, highly recommend Beth.  Her skills are second to none. 

- S. L.

Beth has saved my life

Beth has saved my life.  Her ability to stay with me, hear me and see me has allowed me to really look at the core roots of my trauma, and what holds me back from living life fully.  With her steady guidance, and loving presence, I have started to heal old wounds that I never realized were repeatedly showing up in my current relationship.  I am grateful to have found her.

- C. S.

Beth Lewis is AMAZING!

Beth Lewis is AMAZING!

Her approach is gentle, yet efective. I have felt a huge positive shift in my life since I have been working with her. Highly recommend

Breathe In Life and Beth Lewis!

- D. S.

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