About Me

About Me

Having grown up as the daughter of a minister, I was steeped in the philosophy of helping others through service. From childhood onward, I have felt a strong desire to work with others, and when I found Shalom Mountain Retreat Centre, and subsequently, Core Energetics, I knew I’d found my passion and calling. The healing work that I have done, and will continue to do at the Mountain has transformed my life. The Principles and Skills of Loving upon which the Retreat Centre is built have a deep resonance within me. I, as well as my family continue to strive to live the principles in our daily life, as well as in my work life. I am a mother of two incredible daughters, for whom I am so very grateful. With a loving partner to share the joys and sorrows of life, I find myself excited to continue on this lifelong journey of transformation and growth. The loss of two sons at birth, as well as both of my parents, has given me an intimate understanding of grief, and the various ways it can manifest, and continue to show up over the years. I believe that these losses, as well as other significant childhood and adult traumas have informed the work I do with others in a deep and meaningful way.

How I Help My Clients

Many of us have times in our lives where we decide something’s not working. Perhaps you have come to the realization that there’s more to life – more than being stuck, more than being in stress, chaos, or pain. Perhaps you want to take your personal growth and development to a new level.

I want to partner with you to examine your ways of being in the world — to learn how defensive patterns developed in your past once protected you but now block your life force, and how these patterns affect your current experience.

In this work we move stuck places in your mind AND body to free your life energy or aliveness.

What Is Different About My Approach

Emotional effects of experiences literally get lodged in the body because we tense our muscles and restrict or stop our breathing under stress. In extreme cases, this is part of the fight/flight/freeze response. In less extreme cases, this is to dampen or restrict the feelings associated with a stressful situation. Either way, this causes the body to store thoughts, emotions, and/or experiences. Traditional talk therapy, as valuable as it is, helps us to understand why we feel or experience as we do. But until we breathe and feel fully, and until we move the stressors ‘through’ the body, the recovery is incomplete. This work is an integrative approach to healing and wellness that works with body and mind, as well as emotions, will, and spirit.

As a Certified Core Energetics Practitioner, I want to partner with you to examine where you want to go, and various ways of getting there.  To work towards finding a balance that brings more ease and flow in your day to day living.

About Core Energetics

Core Energetics is a significant therapeutic modality that integrates all aspects of your being; mind, body, emotions, spirit, and will. It is a supportive process that empowers you to explore your past and present issues more deeply than in traditional talk therapy. Your Practitioner partners with you to generate a greater awareness of YOU and a deeper mastery of your feelings. You create a release of defensive patterns that no longer serve you. Through this unified and holistic process, you take steps on a journey to connect ever more deeply with your Core. Your truest nature is energetic, creative, loving, and open to life.

Core Energetics is a dynamic system for personal growth, healing, and transformation. Together, we work to unblock your innate life force through movement, breath, voice, and, yes discussion and analysis. You gain greater understanding of what makes you tick.

This understanding opens up more CHOICES about what you create in your life. When your energy is blocked, your body and personality suffer. When your energy is flowing, long standing patterns shift. You have more clarity, purpose, and pleasure.

Our bodies tell our autobiography without words. Every memory, every experience we have lodges itself in the body at the cellular level. We tend to hang on to our histories and create patterns that form and shape our bodies. Then we repeat those patterns in relationship with significant others. In Core Energetics we have the opportunity to shift those old stories, to let go of what no longer serves us, and to live from a place of choice.

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Principles and Skills of Loving

I opened up and trusted the Beth, the participants and the process.

For years I was sceptical yet intrigued about the retreat. I felt certain that I had dealt with my past or at least buried it deep enough that it was no longer part of my present self.
However, there was no denying that regardless of all that I knew, I kept finding myself repeating the same patterns, despite my best efforts to avoid them. Why!?
I finally came to terms that I needed a “bigger tool belt” if I was truly to break this pattern and attended the retreat. At first I was standoffish but I participated in the processes, talked with the other participants and bared witness to their stories. I was astonished that everyone had the same “deep rooted hurt” and that I was not alone and I was in a safe place. I opened up and trusted the Beth, the participants and the process.
I am so grateful that I did. At the end of the retreat I left feeling centred, energized and confidant. I understood myself better, truly (like seriously) dealt with my past and had the tools to move forward. The process works and I have not stopped my personal growth ever since.
- K. R.

Her skills are second to none

I’ve been working with Beth for quite awhile, and I find her to be very intuitive, and skilled.  Prior to working with her, I had seen other therapists, and none were able to guide me to success the way Beth has.  My journey isn’t over, and I look forward to continuing with her guidance.  Highly, highly recommend Beth.  Her skills are second to none. 

- S. L.

Beth has saved my life

Beth has saved my life.  Her ability to stay with me, hear me and see me has allowed me to really look at the core roots of my trauma, and what holds me back from living life fully.  With her steady guidance, and loving presence, I have started to heal old wounds that I never realized were repeatedly showing up in my current relationship.  I am grateful to have found her.

- C. S.

Beth Lewis is AMAZING!

Beth Lewis is AMAZING!

Her approach is gentle, yet efective. I have felt a huge positive shift in my life since I have been working with her. Highly recommend

Breathe In Life and Beth Lewis!

- D. S.

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